West Alabama Food Bank

Visit http://www.westalabamafoodbank.org/

P.O. Box 805 • 3160 McFarland Blvd. • Northport, Alabama 35476

205-333-5353 • FAX 205-333-5393 • wafb@bellsouth.net

Henry Lipsey, the Executive Director of  the West Alabama Food Bank, walks me through the large warehouse located behind a shopping center at 3160 McFarland Blvd in Northport. As he shows me the various storage rooms where volunteers are busy sorting food and explains where every box and package is headed, it is clear good things are at work here.

“Every month, we put together 500 packages of food that are delivered to elderly people that live below the poverty line. We try to do it the last week of the month because that’s when people tend to run out of money.”

“On Friday afternoons, we put 1,040 of these lunches in children’s backpacks so they have enough to eat over the weekend.”

“Every day we try to go to one of the housing developments in town and deliver food.”

“We operate a mobile food pantry. We have one of our agencies line up about 150 families and we’ll load up about 1000 pounds of food in one of the trucks and meet in a church parking lot and distribute the food there.”

~Henry Lipsey

What is the West Alabama Food Bank?

West Alabama Food Bank’s wooden sign reads, “where good deeds begin” with an arrow pointing to a giant white storage warehouse, which WAFB has operated since January of 2010. The WAFB is a non-profit hunger relief charity in Tuscaloosa that collects surplus food and distributes it to various agencies and places in a nine-county service area in Alabama. Food is always donated to recipients rather than sold for profit. Support for the bank is given by churches, businesses, organizations, and community members who believe in its mission to serve their neighbors who are struggling on the margins.

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How Does West Alabama Food Bank Get Their Food?

  • Surplus or superficially damaged food from supermarkets, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributers
  • As an affiliate of Feeding America, the Food Bank receives nationally donated products.

Partner Agencies- Who Does The Food Go To?

  • Churches
  • Food Pantries
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Group Homes
  • Neighborhood Centers
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Nutrition Centers
  • Homeless Shelters

Special Programs 

Beat Auburn Beat Hunger- An annual competition between UA and Auburn University of who can donate the most to their local food bank.  The competition, which has been happening since 1994, occurs in the weeks leading up the treasured Iron Bowl. Combined, both Universities have donated a total of  3,265,740 pounds of food for distribution in their local communities. Visit http://beatauburnbeathunger.ua.edu/  or http://www.westalabamafoodbank.org/beatauburn.html for details.

Secret Meals for Hungry Children- A startling 20 percent of children in Alabama live below the poverty line. Partnering with local credit unions, the food bank provides healthy weekend meals for over 1000 children. Visit http://www.alabamacu.com/SM/index.html for more information.

Brown Bags- This monthly WAFB program delivers meals to the homes of elderly that live below the poverty line.

Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program-  WAFB participates in this federal program that provides emergency food and nutrition assistance. Visit http://www.fns.usda.gov/fdd/programs/tefap/

The Fifth Quarter- This unique WAFB program salvages leftover food from the skyboxes of the North & South End Zones at Bryant-Denny Stadium during football season. Lipsey says generally they salvage 1000 to 2000 pounds of food per game depending on how distracted people are with the game. The program also salvages leftover food at home basketball games.

Get Involved

Text “WAFB” to 27722 to receive updates about volunteer opportunities.

Call  205-333-5353 for information about becoming a partner agency

Email  wafb@bellsouth.net to talk with Henry Lipsey.


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